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Unloading and acceptance of railway wagons


Special logistics complexes have everything you need to reload goods from wagons for further shipment.

Unloading and acceptance of railway wagons

Warehouse services are quite in demand in our time. Particularly popular transportation by rail. If you need unloading of railway wagons in Yekaterinburg, you can contact the specialists of the company "Santa Logistics". They carry out acceptance and unloading of railway wagons on time. You can get acquainted with the services of the company's specialists on the website.

Peculiarities of unloading and acceptance of railway wagons

Not every railway station is equipped with the necessary equipment for storing goods. In such cases, logistics operators come to the rescue, providing a wide range of services related to the maintenance and handling of goods. In special logistics complexes there is everything necessary to reload goods from wagons for further shipment.

Getting to the railway station, the goods go through the procedure of inspection, opening, checking for integrity, etc. All procedures must be accompanied by all the necessary documentation, which includes notes on the work performed. If the cargo is damaged or the seal is broken, it is checked for compliance with the quality and volume requirements. Further acts are drawn up.

The company's services include:

  • Warehouse services
  • Transport services.
  • Storage.

Cost of services for unloading and receiving goods

A number of key factors influence the formation of the final cost of services, including the type of product, the need to change transport, packaging, etc. Thus, goods can be unloaded both from freight wagons and from containers. It is important how the process of distribution of goods to outlets will be carried out.

All work is carried out under the strict supervision of Santa Logistic specialists. If you have any questions, you can contact the company's specialists. On the site you can leave a request to contact the manager. Specialists will contact to clarify the details of cooperation. You can order any type of warehouse services that will be completed in full in a short time.

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