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How can you use recyclables


To obtain secondary raw materials, you must use items that have special markings.

How can you use recyclables

All over the world, the issue of ecology is very acute, which is rapidly polluted as a result of human activity. Of particular danger are piles of garbage, most of which are industrial and domestic waste. The way out of a difficult situation, allowing to prevent an ecological catastrophe, is the recycling of garbage. For these purposes, recycling points are created: https://punktexpert. biz.ua/, the result of which makes it possible to reuse used materials.

What is recyclable

Many human and animal wastes are recyclable. To use them in production, as materials, special processing is required. The category of secondary raw materials includes:

  1. Fragments of natural solid wood - any trimmings, boards, foliage, branches, sawdust, chipboard.
  2. Polymer materials - plastic bags, film, plastic bottles, PVC products.
  3. Pulp products - all types of waste paper, twine, printed matter (glossy magazines are not recyclable), paper packaging.
  4. Fabric products - all types of textiles are accepted for recycling.
  5. Organics - in addition to food waste, the category of recyclables includes the corpses of wild, domestic animals (permission of veterinary control), feces, sewage.
  6. Glass, building materials, rolled metal, rubber, electronics.
  7. Chemicals, petroleum products.

Thanks to recycling points, used items, human and animal waste become reusable.

The Benefits of Recycling

To obtain secondary raw materials, you must use items that have special markings. Typically, manufacturers put on the packaging of such products an icon that looks like a triangle with obtuse corners. In addition to such marking, there should be a special inscription containing information about the materials used in the production.

Recycling waste has many advantages:

  • people who donate waste receive additional income;
  • environment, natural resources are preserved;
  • the area of ​​territories allocated for landfills is being reduced;
  • reduces the amount of harmful substances entering the groundwater in the process of natural decomposition of garbage;
  • the risks of the spread of diseases, the reproduction of rodents, harmful insects are minimized.
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