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Services of the Kobotek company

Services of the Kobotek company

In order to automate production processes in enterprises, industrial robots are widely used. Their use is expedient in metalworking, logistics, electronics, chemical industry and others. They are able to perform a wide range of tasks, facilitating the work of employees of the enterprise. Among the most common are loading machines, packing goods, assembling structures, polishing products, and others. If the task is to buy robot manipulator mechanical arm, you can contact Kobotek specialists. Let's get acquainted with their choice in more detail.

Features of the implementation of industrial and collaborative robots

The difference between industrial robots and collaborative ones is that in the first case contact with a person is completely excluded. In the second - work is carried out in joint interaction with a person. Cobots do not require programming skills. They can be controlled using a tablet, which has an intuitive interface. Models differ from each other in such parameters as load capacity, working area. Based on the parameters, the cost of the models is formed. The operations that collaborative robots can perform are as follows:

  • Loading the machine.
  • Welding.
  • Packing products in boxes.
  • Palletizing boxes.
  • Product assembly.

Industrial robots can cause injury while working, so they require safety guardrails. Their control is quite complex and requires programming.

What can a lathe be automated for?


automation of a lathe will allow you to transfer some of the tasks “on your shoulders” reliable technology, thereby freeing a person from routine work. What are the features of machine tool automation?

The installation of such a machine is carried out in an hour. The software download process is even faster. After all, for the operation of such a machine there is no need to write complex programs. During its operation, complete safety is ensured. If he feels contact with any object, it is completely stopped. The cobot is suitable for working with any lathe.

Kobotek specialists offer comprehensive solutions for the automation of lathes. They will help you choose a robot model, install it at the facility, and also upgrade the machine.

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