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Why PET cans are an alternative to glass containers?


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Why PET cans are an alternative to glass containers?

Our modern century can be called the century of practicality, simplicity and cost reduction. It is for this reason that manufacturers often began to use PET cans , completely abandoning glass containers.

Why is this happening? Why PET cans are a convenient and cost-effective glass replacement? Let's figure it out.

What to choose: PET cans, metal or clear glass?

Plastic is ideal for packaging food and non-food products. Containers made of plastic with a wide lid are ideal for packaging:

  • mustard;
  • ketchup;
  • tomato paste;
  • fruit and vegetable purees;
  • many other foods.

Modern PET cans do not weigh food products, which is beneficial for customers who do not want to endure unnecessary burdens.

In turn, we can safely say that glass containers are more hygienic, but they are economically unprofitable, since they have a high cost. Glass containers are inconvenient and completely unsafe.

If dropped, glass may break. As a result, not only the vessels are destroyed, but also the products in it. Modern PET cans do not have such a disadvantage. If the container falls, it is possible that the edge of the container will be slightly deformed, but retain its integrity. Moreover, the internal content will not suffer. The seller will not incur losses.

I would definitely like to consider the features of metal containers and compare them with PET cans made of modern material. The metal container will be made of sheet steel, which is also not without a number of disadvantages. The metal rusts, accordingly, reacts with food products. Therefore, such cans are treated with a special solution that prevents rusting.

Additional processing is required, which makes packaging more expensive and economically disadvantageous. Also, containers made of thin sheet metal have low mechanical strength. Tin-packed products can be damaged and lost if they fall off the shelf. Therefore, in this case, plastic packaging wins.

Economic Benefit

As mentioned above, PET cans are almost impossible to break or damage in any way. For sellers, plastic containers are irreplaceable, one of the most cost-effective.

Therefore, to make the food sales business profitable, you should use PET cans for packaging, abandoning glass and tin containers in favor of plastic ones.

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