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Injection burner


Definition of an injection burner. A detailed description of the device and highlighting the advantages of a flameless burner. List of features.

Burner devices in which air is sucked in from the surrounding atmosphere due to the excess pressure (up to 1.5 kPa) created by the gas jet flowing out of the nozzle are called injection or internal. They are characterized by both natural and forced supply of the oxidizer. The air that is sucked into the mixer is called primary air. Its amount usually does not exceed 30-70%. Secondary air comes from the atmosphere after creating a vacuum in the combustion chamber.

Device and Flameless Variety

The standard injection burner consists of:

  • Gas nozzle. The element, the diameter of which affects the performance of the burner as a whole, as well as the configuration and direction of the flame. Passing through the nozzle, the gas converts static energy into kinetic energy. And the more actively this action takes place, the higher the amount of primary air in the mixture.
  • Feed regulator. It is an air-adjusting washer, with which it is possible to change the amount of primary air entering the mixer.
  • Mixer-injector. It is a cone in which a gas-air mixture is formed. A steady suction of primary air is possible due to the narrowing of the cone, which leads to acceleration flowing out of the gas jet nozzle.
  • Cylindrical part. Its task is to equalize the flow rates and mix them.
  • Diffuser. Allows to overcome the pressure resistance at the outlet, by converting the kinetic energy of the fuel back to potential.
  • Nozzle. Allows you to evenly feed the gas-air mixture.

It is from the configuration of the nozzle that the burners get their final name. Separate tubular, burner, ring, flare. But the most popular are flameless, in which the combustion of gas occurs on the surface in a thin layer. All the necessary air is injected into them at once, so the torch is practically invisible in the end. The advantage is a reduction in the amount of harmful emissions, as well as better fuel combustion.


Injection burners have many advantages. It is important that their production is characterized by a simplicity of the process, as well as warranty service. In addition, they are characterized by a short torch, which allows the use of such burners in combustion chambers of low height. They also do not need an additional source of energy to supply air, and the flame temperature is an order of magnitude higher (the comparison is with the diffusion type of the burner). Even if changes are made to the gas supply, the proportions of fuel and air will remain unchanged, as will the high efficiency. The burner performance directly affects the overall efficiency of the boiler unit. Therefore, BOOSTER CO., Ltd took care of equipping its steam and hot water boilers with modular or staged injection or combined burners. Order and You can buy an industrial steam generator in Moscow of South Korean production through the website booster-rus.ru or by calling +7 (495) 988-76-26.

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