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Liebherr tower cranes: features and benefits of special equipment


Liebherr tower cranes: features of the installation of the structure, the main advantages and differences from other special equipment, the possibility of saving additional costs on the construction site.

Liebherr tower cranes: features and benefits of special equipment

Today, tower cranes are the main way to mechanize any building construction. This maneuverable lifting equipment helps to solve many problems. Directly the design of the device is a free-standing jib crane, which is attached to the tower with a boom. Tower cranes are used for private construction and the construction of industrial buildings, they are also in demand for various unloading and loading operations. The quality of the equipment will determine the pace of construction, subsequent maintenance and crane repair , this must be taken into account when choosing special equipment.

Special features of Liebherr cranes

By their design, Liebherr cranes make it possible to use this technique for the construction of structures of any size and complexity. Liebherr cranes have the following features.

  • Fast speed of relocation and lifting of building materials. This allows Liebherr cranes to be as efficient as possible. The boom extension rate is also high - up to 120 meters per minute.
  • Modularity. It is possible to quickly mount sections of special equipment within similar models, which helps to adapt the design of the mechanism to specific conditions.
  • Silence of work. This feature allows Liebherr equipment to be used in residential areas.
  • Low energy consumption. This special equipment consumes half the electricity, in contrast to domestic tower cranes. This makes it possible not to install additional power supplies and reduce costs.
  • Smooth running. The pivoting design with a hydraulic clutch helps to avoid sudden movements during crane operation, while providing excellent accuracy in targeting and lowering loads.
  • Excellent performance in extreme temperature conditions. This special equipment retains excellent functionality even during heavy wind (25 meters per second) at the level of the installed operator's booth.
  • Ease of assembly. Installation of the structure is not very difficult. The cranes are installed thanks to a well-thought-out fastening system that allows for safe operation.
  • Comfort at work. The ergonomic driver's cab guarantees a comfortable working environment, which has a positive effect on alertness and avoids high fatigue.

The excellent performance of Liebherr equipment helps to save up to 40% of working time. What is especially important during the implementation of large-scale construction for the construction of high-rise buildings. In addition, certain models will not require rail installation. This design saves space on the construction site and also reduces crane installation time.

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