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Is the handle or tooth of the EKG 5A excavator out of order? Easy to replace!


The bucket tooth of the EKG 5A mining excavator is blunt or broken, is the bucket handle faulty? No problem - contact us and see inexpensive prices and prompt delivery!

Is the handle or tooth of the EKG 5A excavator out of order? Easy to replace!

Stronger than rocks

The thrust of the excavator is provided by the engine and strong teeth fixed to the front wall of the bucket. Each of the five ECG 5A bucket teeth weighs 140 kilograms each, all made of high manganese steel. Additionally, the metal of the teeth is reinforced with a special alloy of the "Sormite" category, which is deposited during each excavator bucket repair. The teeth of the EKG 5A excavator are of two types: solid or with removable crown tips to be replaced. When the teeth or their replaceable tips become blunt from hard work, the tooth or "crown" is removed and rotated 180% to extend the operating period. As soon as the sharpening angle of this instrument exceeds the limit of 60%, the tooth is considered worn out and must be replaced with a new analogue.

Bucket arm: how it works

It looks no less impressive than steel teeth during operation and EKG 5A bucket arm , made of especially corrosion-resistant low-alloy steel. The handle is constructed of two welded beams rectangular in cross-section with rails welded to them. Toothed racks are welded to the bottom of the twin beams, through which the pressure force is transmitted. The attachment of the handle to the boom of the mining EKG 5A is provided by saddle bearings.

We will replace everything, we will settle everything

Neither the EKG 5A bucket arm nor its teeth last forever, even if you have provided excavator parts with the most thorough diagnostics and maintenance. So that the failure of critical parts does not catch you by surprise, remember the name and contact details of our company, which will ensure the delivery of the handle and EKG 5A bucket teeth at the best prices and in a reasonable time!

We work only with official manufacturers of spare parts for EKG 5A or with their representatives, which offer only high quality products, no counterfeit or defective parts. Please contact us and we will provide favorable terms of delivery, the shortest possible lead time, a payment method that suits you.

Contact us and we will provide:

  • supply of spare parts for EKG 5A at the closest possible to factory prices;
  • order delivery without delay;
  • presentation of certificates and other documents confirming the cost of products;
  • 100% fulfillment of warranty obligations;
  • nice bonuses for regular customers.

Thanks to our website, you can calculate in advance how much it will cost to purchase a bucket handle or teeth for an EKG 5A excavator. You can get more recent information, as well as detailed advice on the purchase, delivery and warranty service of the spare parts you need from our operators, who are always ready to answer the most "difficult" questions.

Working with us, you will never be confused and without support!

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