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Modular stairs from the company "Gallery of stairs "


The company "Gallery of stairs" has been manufacturing and selling stairs of various types since 2011.

Modular stairs from the company "Gallery of stairs "

The company "Gallery of Stairs" has been manufacturing and selling stairs of various types since 2011. Thanks to the accumulated experience (over the years of work, more than 1500 ladders have been manufactured!) And a wide assortment, it can offer single-flight modular ladders with high steps, with a turn of 180 ⁰ and 90 ⁰, screw models. The company uses modern technologies and equipment in its work.

The customer can choose a structure with a support leg or wall mountings. Railings made of metal or solid wood from beech, oak, larch, ash, pine or birch. Complement the railings with decor or leave the "timeless classics". Classic steps or a more unusual version of the "duck step".

Benefits of choosing modular stairs

  1. Simplicity and versatility. The design easily changes dimensions, step steps, tread.
  2. Modular staircase fits into any interior. The ability to choose different materials, combine them with each other, use tinted wood.
  3. All elements have minimal contact with each other. Special impregnation of wood excludes drying out, appearance of fungus and often appearing squeak in other models made of untreated wood.
  4. Easy to install. The installation can be easily handled by a minimum number of people. In a modular staircase, individual parts are easily changed. If necessary, the structures are easy to disassemble, move to another place.
  5. Almost all elements of the staircase are easy to change. The design is being modified, supplemented.
  6. Compact modular staircase, compared to other models. Perfect for small spaces.
  7. Low cost in comparison with other types of stairs.
  8. Durability. Qualitatively made, assembled in compliance with technical requirements, the modular staircase will last a long time, without losing its presentable appearance.

The Gallery of Stairs Company offers its clients certified products. They help clients to choose a design, taking into account his wishes and technical capabilities. Experts will help with the choice of a modular staircase, carry out the necessary measurements, assemble and install the selected model at the request of the client. For all products, Gallery Stairs provides a standard manufacturer's warranty.

European quality, at reasonable prices. Work for the client and with the client. We combine the wishes of the customer with his financial capabilities without compromising the quality of the products.

Tips for you were prepared by the specialists of ChPTUP "Gallery of stairs"

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