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High-quality metal fencing


A fence made of metal sections - a fence that will not let you down!

High-quality metal fencing

The company manufactures and sells high-quality sectional fences 2D and 3D, which have the widest possible range of applications, are distinguished by their strength, durability, aesthetic appearance and good performance. Installation of fences is possible on the territory of private houses, sports grounds, schools, parks and squares, other objects of urban infrastructure, as well as industrial and production facilities, warehouses, etc.

Key Features

Intake sections of welded mesh are made of high-quality materials that are processed on special equipment in full compliance with the requirements of regulatory and technical documentation and international standards. The main benefits include:

  • strength and durability;
  • reliable protection of the territory from unauthorized access;
  • do not obscure the view or create shadows;
  • beautiful appearance;
  • quick install;
  • affordable cost.

The structure is based on steel rods, which are fixed and secured using electric welding. An additional galvanized layer and polymer coating not only gives an aesthetic appearance, but also provides reliable protection against corrosion and the effects of various chemical compounds, including aggressive ones used by public utilities for treating roads and sidewalks in winter.

Fence sections can be flat or volumetric. The second option gives additional aesthetic properties and makes it even more difficult to overcome the barriers, making it almost impossible.

Purchase and delivery

Today you can buy high quality 2D and 3D sectional fences and place an order with delivery. This will save time and physical strength, and therefore nerves. In addition, you can use the "turnkey fence" service and get a completely ready-to-use fence within a short time. As a rule, an average fence is erected within 2-3 days. The situation is more complicated in areas where there are large differences in height. Only specialists can handle such an installation. Therefore, in order to quickly enclose your territory, it is advisable to contact professionals. Call our sales managers, find out all the details of production, delivery and installation and get a quality fence right now!

A fence made of metal sections - a fence that will not let you down!

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