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Where to buy FBS foundation blocks?


Looking for FBS foundation blocks? Read this article to find out where to find them.

Where to buy FBS foundation blocks?

The foundation is the most important part of any object. It takes the load from its weight and evenly distributes it to the base (soils lying under the site). If the lower part of the structure is correctly designed, then it will be reliable, durable and stable. To quickly build any capital object, foundation building blocks (FBS) are used to equip its foundations. These are elements of various shapes and sizes that can be quickly laid in the ground and immediately proceed to the next stage of construction. You can find out more about the features of these details on the website https://triada-nn.ru /fundamentnye-bloki /.


FBS foundation blocks are an excellent alternative to a monolithic tape structure. They have several important advantages:

  • High speed of installation. Builders do not have to wait 4 weeks for concrete to gain strength, parts are already fully ready for use.
  • Versatility. These elements can be laid under any massive structures: load-bearing walls and columns, heavy equipment.
  • Ease of use. To lay FBS foundation blocks, it is necessary to involve special equipment, its operator will quickly install the parts in the right places.

There are now many products in various lengths, heights and widths. Among them you can find elements for arranging the foundation at any construction site. Engineers will calculate the required depth of the sole and determine the optimal width. Based on this data, they will select the FBS.


Foundation blocks are laid in the ground, where they are affected by various adverse factors:

  • temperature differences;
  • aggressive impurities contained in the soil;
  • high humidity.

The concrete used in the production of materials for the assembly of the foundation does not absorb water and is not afraid of corrosion destruction. It is durable and strong and can provide the stability of a structure for several decades.

FBS foundation blocks have both compressive and bending loads. Concrete can only resist compression, so it is reinforced with reinforcement. Metal elements absorb bending loads and prevent cracks on the elements and their subsequent destruction.

How to find a supplier?

The stability of the entire structure depends on the quality of the FBS foundation blocks, therefore it is important to purchase materials from a responsible supplier. It is convenient and profitable to buy materials directly from the manufacturer. At the same time, it is important that the company employs competent specialists who can help each client choose everything they need for construction.

FBS foundation blocks should be purchased from large organizations. Their catalogs contain materials of different types and sizes, so the customer does not have to search for parts for the same structure from different suppliers.

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