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The Venice Commission has recommended Ukraine to protect Russian to change language law


In the Commission's recommendation includes the distribution of electoral materials in minority languages, use of minority languages when dealing with police, firefighters and doctors, as well as permission to write geographical names in other languages.

The Venice Commission has recommended Ukraine to protect Russian to change language law

the Main body of the Council of Europe in the field of law - Venice Commission - a critical assessment of the Ukrainian law on functioning of Ukrainian as the state language and advised to change the number of articles, including to protect Russian language. This is stated in the decision of the Commission.

the"law on the protection of the state language did not provide a balance between strengthening the Ukrainian and the protection of minority language rights", - stated in the opinion of the Venice Commission.

the debate on the conclusion of the Commission lasted for a few hours.

the Commission's Experts indicated that it is extremely important to achieve a balance in the language policy to avoid a situation in which this issue becomes a source of interethnic tension.

"Ukrainian Authorities failed to do, and this applies to the recently adopted law on functioning of Ukrainian as the state language", - experts say.

In the Venice Commission acknowledged that language policy is extremely complex, sensitive and politicized issue in Ukraine, especially on the background of the prolonged conflict with Russia.

Law on the protection of the state language in Ukraine would be a parallel use of the state language and minority languages, but it should be regulated in a separate law against minorities. But the document is still there, said the Commission.

the Commission also asks Kyiv to revise the law on the functioning of the Ukrainian language in cooperation with all stakeholders and representatives of national minorities.

"it is Necessary to consider the possibility of delaying the implementation of already existing norms of the state language law until the adoption of the law on minorities," the Commission recommends.

Experts also recommend to cancel the complaint mechanism and penalties for violation of language laws or at least limit such opportunities.

Rada passed the language law of 25 April 2019. He had to sign even the President, are actively using this moment in his presidential race.

the Document considerably increases the use of the Ukrainian language, for which he was criticized by some Pro-Russian politicians and representatives of some national minorities.

President Zelensky has said several times that the law requires a study, but a clear answer whether it is necessary to revise it, is not allowed.

the Quota for Ukrainian product on television is now 75% on national channels and 60% for regional. The law provides in 2024 increase these figures to 90% and 80%. These quotas are advised to review in accordance with the principle of proportionality.

the Language law, the punishment for the violation of

the rules For non-law provides not only accountable to the special commissioners, and General administrative, which will take effect in three years.

For violating the use of language in administration and law enforcement agencies can receive fine from 3400 to 6800 UAH-in the sphere of culture, education, advertising - 3400 - 5100 UAH, and in the print media - 6800 - 8500 hryvnia. In other cases - 3400 - 5100 UAH. However, if the violation occurred first, then you can get rid of and prevention. If someone breaks the law second time in a year, the penalty will amount to 8500 - 11900 hryvnia.

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