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DMZ reduced air emissions by one third


One of the factors was the decline in production volumes.

DMZ reduced air emissions by one third

Dneprovsky Metallurgical Plant of DCH Group reduced air emissions by 35.3% in 2019 compared to 2018. Including, from the metallurgical site - by 41%, from the by-product coke - by 15.6%. In the first half of 2020, compared to the same period last year, emissions from metallurgical processing decreased by 94%, by-product coke - by 3%. One of the factors was a decrease in production volumes. In November last year, the metallurgical workshops of the plant were stopped for repairs and resumed work in June 2020. Equipment repairs also significantly reduced the burden on the environment. For example, in 2018-2019, DMZ overhauled blast furnaces No. 3 and No. 2, with a total investment of more than UAH 600 million. In 2020, at DP-2, the installation and testing of the installation for suppressing brown smoke with nitrogen was completed. A similar system at blast furnace No. 3 has been operating since 2017, which has reduced dust emissions by almost 500 tons per year.

In the oxygen-converter shop of the enterprise, there is a filtration system, which consists of water-cooled caissons and wet gas cleaning. The structure of such filters includes: a nozzle blockhouse, a block of 5 Venturi pipes, a separation device and a secondary droplet separator, as well as gas ducts, draft machines and a chimney. This system is the most efficient of all wet scrubber systems.

Since 2018, the coke plant has been implementing a program for the overhaul of the furnace stock. Last year, coke oven battery No. 5 was overhauled: all coke ovens and metal structures were moved, new control devices were installed. This made it possible to significantly reduce emissions into the air. Now the coke oven battery No. 4 has been stopped for hot storage. Preparatory work is underway for further relocation of its furnaces. The enterprise plans to overhaul coke oven batteries No. 1 and No. 2.

Every year at the coke-chemical plant, worn-out doors of coke ovens and gas outlet fittings are replaced, coke oven doors are sealed using a gas-impermeable material, ceramic surfacing and shotcrete of coking chambers. All this helps to reduce the risk of fugitive emission sources.

The state of the atmospheric air at the border of the sanitary protection zone of the enterprise is controlled by the state laboratory center and the automated system of environmental monitoring. In addition, the work of the enterprise is monitored by the State Environmental Inspectorate, which in 2020 has already conducted two unscheduled inspections.

Reference: Since 2016, the Dnieper Metallurgical Plant has invested UAH 475 million in environmental programs. During this time, the enterprise has reduced air emissions by almost 25%. This is the best indicator among all metallurgical enterprises in Ukraine.

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