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Ukraine may replace 25% of its natural gas demand with biomethane


The State Energy Efficiency Agency of Ukraine believes that biomethane can be transported by existing gas transmission networks and exported to Europe.

Ukraine may replace 25% of its natural gas demand with biomethane

Ukraine can reduce its dependence on gas imports by 8 billion cubic meters per year thanks to the production of biomethane, said the participants of the first meeting of the working group on the development of bioenergy "Vision for the development of renewable gases - Ukraine" within the framework of the Regatrace projects.

The representative of the Ministry of Energy Alexander Martynyuk drew attention to the importance of developing biomethane and the need to work out effective ways to develop this direction.

In turn, Deputy Chairman of the Agency for State Energy Efficiency of Ukraine Yuriy Shafarenko outlined the potential for biomethane production in Ukraine, which is 7.8 billion cubic meters per year. This could cover 25% of the country's total annual gas consumption.

“Given the wide ramification of the gas transportation system, biomethane can be used practically throughout the country, unlike biogas, from which energy can be generated at one point of production,” said Yuri Shafarenko, Deputy Chairman of the State Energy Efficiency Agency.

“Taking into account the sufficient amount of resources and the advantages of biomethane, the State Energy Efficiency, together with the Ministry of Energy and the BAU, have already begun to work on the creation of an appropriate legislative framework for investors to enter the market, and international partners to establish cooperation with Ukraine in this area,” said Y. Shafarenko .

Considering international practice, biomethane is a versatile fuel for:

  • direct replacement of natural gas;
  • production of electrical and heat energy at the bio-FATHER;
  • use as motor fuel in transport
  • export to the EU.

The meeting participants discussed in detail the specifics of implementing projects for the production of biomethane and the experience of European countries in supporting the development of this area.

Earlier, a member of the expert council of the Bioenergy Association of Ukraine (UABIO) Yuriy Matveev spoke about the possibility of using biomethane.

“We do not expect to receive a large amount of biomethane from animal husbandry, but the potential of crop production is huge. The main resources here are crop residues, as well as corn silage, "- said the expert in July this year.

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