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Dniprovsky Metallurgical Plant switches to alternative heating

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The company is cutting out steam heating, replacing it with gas heaters from the Czech manufacturer Helios. This project is free for DMK, and YASNO Efficiency will cover the costs of UAH 52 million.

Dniprovsky Metallurgical Plant switches to alternative heating

The administration of the Dnieper Metallurgical Plant (DMK, Kamenskoe) made a decision, within the framework of cooperation with YASNO Energy Efficiency, to transfer some structural divisions of the plant to sources of alternative heat supply.

In February, specialists from the Department of the Chief Power Engineer of the DMK signed an agreement with YASNO Efficiency LLC to transfer some of the plant's shops to alternative heating.

Now the installation of new equipment is in full swing. Garages have already been equipped with heating sources and boilers for domestic needs; steam heating equipment has been previously dismantled. 65% of the work on the installation of cable and wiring products was completed, electric heaters and boilers were installed in the household premises - electrical appliances are almost ready for connection.

At the same time, gas emitters are being assembled and installed on the territory of the workshop in order to start commissioning in August. 90% new equipment of the Czech manufacturer Helios and related materials has already arrived at the territory of the metallurgical plant.

“Each gas emitter includes a burner that emits heat from the combustion of the gas. The installation has a scattering angle to insulate as large an area as possible. The heating devices themselves are mounted at a height, so do not interfere with the production process ... Calculations have shown that this type of heating will provide significant energy savings, ”says Roman Zhal, Deputy Chief Power Engineer - Chief Heat Engineer of the Combine.

It should be added that this project is free for DMK. All expenses, which is more than 52 million hryvnias, are covered by YASNO Efficiency, whose specialists will service the new heating system until 2029, and only then it will be transferred to the company's balance sheet.

Over the next 5 years, the supplier of electricity, gas and energy-efficient solutions YASNO plans to invest about one billion hryvnia in energy-efficient projects at Ukrainian enterprises. The energy service mechanism provides that an energy service company (ESCO) finances and implements a turnkey energy efficient project, ensuring that a certain level of savings is achieved for the client enterprise.

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