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Hydrogen technologies open up opportunities for decarbonization of the main sectors of the Ukrainian economy


The use of hydrogen technologies opens up opportunities for both the world and Ukraine for decarbonization of the main sectors of the economy, as well as for building a new industry and creating additional jobs. Emanuele Volpe, Director of Innovation at DTEK, said this at the Sustainable Energy Europe Summit.

Hydrogen technologies open up opportunities for decarbonization of the main sectors of the Ukrainian economy

“The EU views hydrogen technologies as a strategic vector for economic development. The rapid development of this technology in the EU will have a significant impact on Ukraine. On the scale of our country, this technology and the infrastructure necessary for it can become a driving force for the development of already existing industries and the economy of Ukraine as a whole, ”E. Wolpe said. He recalled that, according to the previously announced plans, Europe expects from Ukraine 10 GW of electrolytic capacity, of which 2.5 GW is aimed at developing the local market and 7.5 GW - should ensure cross-border trade with the EU in the future for 2025. E. Wolpe stressed that decarbonization is part of the development strategy of DTEK, which has set itself an ambitious goal - to become a carbon neutral company by 2040

“In 2020, DTEK created a team to study the possibilities of using renewable hydrogen in existing industries. Now we are developing an in-depth feasibility study for cases of using hydrogen in transport, energy and industry, ”said DTEK's Director for Innovation. He also noted that DTEK became the first industrial company in Ukraine to become a member of the European Hydrogen Association. “This membership will give the company an opportunity to form a network of direct contacts with international partners interested in the development of the hydrogen economy both in Ukraine and around the world,” E. Wolpe said.

In his opinion, today it is too early to talk about the economic benefits of using hydrogen, it is rather a question of the environmental component, which is necessary to achieve common world goals for decarbonization. Despite this, companies around the world, including DTEK, are working to make renewable hydrogen competitive.

“DTEK is looking for appropriate business models and is ready to develop this area in partnership. It is also critically important to form a legal and legal framework that will regulate the development of the new market, and the active participation of all stakeholders is important here, ”emphasized DTEK's Director for Innovation.

Today, hydrogen technology is only entering the stage of mass application, so now there are no ready-made development scenarios, because everyone is experimenting, learning, including Ukraine, ”E. Wolpe believes. “And for sure, this is one of the unique cases when Ukraine does not lag behind other countries by 10 years. We are at about the same stage, although it is clear that we have less capital and the state can provide less support, but we are keeping pace with the times, ”summed up DTEK's innovation director.


The Sustainable Energy Europe Summit is Europe's premier sustainable energy event. This year, it runs online from 18-20 November and provides a platform for government officials and industry leaders to share the latest sustainable energy projects, initiatives and opportunities. The summit will feature the energy ministers of Germany, Great Britain, Denmark, Sweden, Portugal, as well as more than 300 market leaders.

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