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Hydroelectric power stations for individual orders

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Hydroelectric power stations for individual orders

The hydraulic principle of performing efforts to activate mechanisms that perform certain types of work is used in a wide variety of areas of production activity. Quite often used hydraulic equipment has original (used only in this technological process) parameters:

  • Presses and hammers.
  • Lifting devices.
  • Machines for bending metal rolling.

And requires connection to an individual hydroelectric station. Unique Oil stations from JSC "RG-Remservice " are being developed by the design department of the enterprise according to individual customer requests, and also produced according to standards suitable for servicing the most common types of hydraulic equipment.

Products of JSC "RG-Remservice "

The classic scheme of a hydraulic station is a rather complex assembly of a whole set of a certain type of equipment and components into a single unit:

  • The power unit, as a rule, is an electric motor, with certain current parameters and power characteristics.
  • A sealed container or hydraulic reservoir for the hydraulic fluid used in the system.
  • Pumping equipment for creating the required pressure in the hydraulic supply system.

To this should be added spare parts and components for the formation of a single unit from the listed mechanisms called "oil station". When carrying out calculations of a model, which is manufactured according to individual parameters, taking into account:

  • Specific features of operation.
  • Parameters of the generated power (force value).
  • Distances from the station to the serviced machine.

All requirements and every detail are taken into account, such as the type of hydraulic pump, the voltage supplied to the motor or the type of pressure gauges for operational control. For the complete set, parts are used, produced both by the company "RG-Remservice", as well as advanced, including imported equipment.

You can familiarize yourself with the models of ready-made oil stations or order equipment according to individual parameters using the website of JSC "RG-Remservice ". For consultation on the resource, the option of contacting the technical project manager is provided, who will answer all your questions in a chat format.

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