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"UMMC-Developer" begins to build a new house in the residential area "Izumrudny Bor"

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"UMMC-Developer" begins to build a new house in the residential area "Izumrudny Bor"

The company "UMMC-Builder" starts construction of a new house as part of the third stage of construction of the residential area "Izumrudny Bor". The company received the corresponding permission from the Ministry of Construction and Infrastructure Development of the Sverdlovsk Region on October 8. Apartment sales will start on October 25.

House number 3.2. will consist of three sections with variable number of storeys (16-22 floors). It will house 328 cozy apartments with a total area of ​​18 836.2 sq. M. The first floor will house retail and office premises. As in the rest of the buildings of the third stage, an amazing view of the beautiful pine forest will open from the windows of the apartments. The developer also provides warm balconies, baskets for air conditioners and other amenities, including 2 finishes: white box and fine. However, the new house will also receive a unique feature - the apartments on the last floors will be even brighter and more spacious due to the three-meter ceilings.

Recall that the residential area "Izumrudny Bor" is being built in the northern part of Yekaterinburg, around a unique ecological zone, a forest park "Pyshminskie lakes". The area will consist of 13 blocks with a total area of ​​124.9 hectares. Of these, 40.7 hectares have been allocated for residential development (the total volume of housing stock is about 712 thousand m2).

The first and second stages of Emerald Bor have been completed to date, and the third is being actively built - permission for construction of houses No. 3.1. and 3.3 "UMMC-Developer" received at the beginning of 2021. All three stages relate to the construction of the first quarter of the district.

One of the UMMC-Developer's standards is to create a full-fledged ecosystem for a comfortable life in each project. Therefore, in "Izumrudny Bor", all the necessary social, trade and entertainment infrastructure is being erected simultaneously with residential buildings. So, in the first quarter, in addition to the already operating VEER Mall, a fitness center with an area of ​​4054 sq.m. was built. with a large pool. The premises for him are located in the new building of the second stage on the street. Kosmonavtov, 108 G, and already in 2022 the fitness center will start operating under the well-known Bright Fit brand. In the same quarter there will be a modern transforming school for 1100 places, where the unique Yekaterinburg gymnasium “Art-Etude”, a kindergarten for 300 places with nursery groups, and a polyclinic will be located. The first floors of residential buildings will house a business from the service sector: cafes, shops, pharmacies, etc. Also on the territory of the quarter will be built a 6-storey overground parking for 317 cars with a sports ground on the roof.

High quality of life in the area "Izumrudny Bor" has been repeatedly confirmed by experts. So, in October 2021, he entered the top ten rating "TOP new buildings" in the Sverdlovsk region, prepared by the federal analytical portal, ERZ.RF together with the association "National Association of Developers". Also, the district is a prize-winner of the summer All-Russian competition-prize "TOP ZhK - 2021" in the nomination "The best conditions for sports".

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