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Gaiskiy GOK continues construction at the Podolskoye deposit

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Gaiskiy GOK continues construction at the Podolskoye deposit

Gai (Orenburg region)

PJSC "Gaysky GOK" (an enterprise of the raw materials complex of UMMC), as a general contractor, continues construction of facilities at the Eastern industrial site of the Podolskoye copper-zinc deposit.

The license to develop the deposit belongs to Bashkirskaya Med 'LLC (the enterprise is also part of the UMMC raw materials complex). In August 2019, the President of the Republic of Bashkortostan, Radiy Khabirov, and the General Director of UMMC, Andrey Kozitsyn, solemnly laid the foundation stone for the construction of an underground mine at the Podolsk deposit. It is planned that when reaching full capacity, the volume of production here will amount to 4.3 million tons of ore per year. Taking into account the fact that the underground mine "Bashkirskaya Med" under construction since 2011 at the Yubileinoye deposit will produce an additional 3.6 million tons of ore annually, the largest mining enterprise will grow in the Khaibullinsky region of Bashkortostan, one of the three key objects of the UMMC raw material base.

At the initial stage of the construction of an underground mine at the Podolsk deposit, a technological shaft with a depth of forty meters was passed, the first tier of a headframe, temporary structures were built: a concrete mixing unit, a fire-fighting pumping station, tanks for temporary storage of fuels and lubricants.

Today the work is actively continuing. According to Alexander Ivanov, Deputy Chief Engineer for Contracting Construction of the Mine Construction Department of the Gaysky GOK, three tiers of metal structures of a mine headframe 35 meters high have been installed on the industrial site, and in the coming days the mine builders will start covering it with a professional sheet. Three winches were installed, designed for hitching the tunneling equipment and sinking the extended part of the shaft. On the hoisting machine No. 1, commissioning works on the mechanical part and installation of electrical equipment are being carried out. The second hoist is in the process of inspection assembly and installation. In parallel with the installation of lifting machines, the construction of buildings in which they will be located is underway.

Clarification ponds are being built next to the headframe to discharge the pumped-out water generated during shaft sinking. In addition, the installation of a compressor room, a fan with a heater, necessary to ensure work in the shaft, is underway. Buildings of the administrative and amenity complex No. 1, No. 2 are being erected on the industrial site.

The construction of the facilities is carried out by the team of the site No. 18 of the Mine Construction Department of PJSC Gaysky GOK. Employees of the repair and construction site, a repair and mechanical plant, a motor transport department and the contractor organization PSO Altai LLC are also involved.

According to the project, the industrial site and the shaft of the Vostochnaya mine will become part of an underground mine, which there will also be two inclined shafts located at the Northern site, and another vertical shaft at the Western site.

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