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The company "UGMK-the Developer" has commissioned a residential house in the residential complex "Makarov" and residential district "the emerald forest"

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The company "UGMK-the Developer" has commissioned a residential house in the residential complex "Makarov" and residential district "the emerald forest"

the Company "UGMK-Builder" (building division of UMMC) has put into operation in Ekaterinburg four-section residential building business class in the residential complex "Makarov" and an 18-storey residential building in the first quarter of the construction area "the emerald forest". Permit from the regional Ministry of construction, the developer received respectively 23 and 24 December. This year the company has fully completed I (house of the elite class) and II stage of construction LCD "Makarov" and the first stage of construction of "emerald forest". The future settlers will receive the keys to their apartments and start to settle them in January 2020.

housing new house LCD "Makarov" 323 apartments and 248 Parking spaces built-in commercial premises with a total area of 63 sq. m. 383 On the ground floor is a modern family clinic "UMMC-Health" area of about 1,500 square meters, a cozy restaurant "Happy people", a wine shop and a supermarket.

Recall that the draft LCD "Makarov", whose construction began in 2017, involves the construction on a plot of 4.3 hectares of a number of objects. Among them, two of the complex houses a business-class house of "elite" class, which has already taken its place in shaping the Central part of the city, becoming its "calling card", all the necessary infrastructure. The project also provides for reconstruction Simanovsky mills – the architectural monument of the late XIX century, and building her lab. Inside the mill will be apartment type "loft" and restaurant complexes, but the historical appearance of the building will be preserved and integrated into the space of the residential complex.

housing home in the "emerald Boru" – 170 apartments ranging 9938,7 sq. m, commercial area of the object be about 957 sq. m. Its construction company "UGMK-Builder" began in September 2018 and has completed six months ahead of schedule.

the Area "the emerald forest" is a flagship project of the developer. It is being built in the Northern residential area of Mansfield around a unique ecological zone – forest-Park "Pyshma lakes." Part of the "emerald forest" will be comprised of 13 blocks with residential buildings and all necessary social and recreational infrastructure. The area will be 124,9 hectares, for residential development allocated to 40.7 ha; the total amount of housing – 712,12 thousand sq. m.

"the First phase of construction area involves the commissioning in 2021 and another 30-storey building, work on it started in June of this year. The area "the emerald forest" still in the early stages, but here, in addition to new housing, already planned the construction of a modern kindergarten for 300 places with nursery groups, two schools for 1,100 and 1,700 seats, a fitness club with a swimming pool (it is already excavated bowl), hospitals, large shopping Mall Veer and other infrastructure. We do not just build houses. We are engaged in complex development of the territory, and this format is popular with students. This can be judged in sales of apartments in new building have already sold out, the second house selling apartments at 70%", - said the head of development projects of the company "UMMC-Builder" Eugene Mordovin.

Thus, in 2019, the developer has commissioned 97 660 sq m of space (including commissioned in June of the second stage of the first phase of the residential complex "Makarov" – house elite class with total area of 20 477 sq m). This is more than three times higher than the result last year: a year ago, the company has put a house in Makarovskiy 169 apartments with a total area of 32 134,1 sq. m with Parking for 167 places and fitness club GOLD'S GYM with pool on 3 800 sq. m. the volume of new housing, according to analysts of the portal ERZ.Of the Russian Federation, "UMMC-Builder" is now in the TOP 5 of the largest developers in the Ural region. And facilities of the company, the portal was awarded high positions in the ranking of the best residential complexes in the Sverdlovsk region and Russia – LCD "Makarov" is in them 1 and 2 positions LCD "Nagorno" - in the top ten regional TOP list. In addition, experts ERZ. Russia praised the developer compliance with the declared terms of new housing, putting him in the figure 5 points out of a possible 5.

"2019 we are completing successfully, but there is still a lot of work. Over the next three years, up to 2022, we plan to build and deliver the first phase I stage of the residential complex "Nagorny" (house with a living area of over 60,000 sq m, a shopping gallery and a fitness centre with a swimming pool), third and fourth line of the LCD "Makarov" (900 apartments with a total area of over 88 000 sq m). Also intend to complete the second phase of construction of the "emerald forest" – houses at 22 and 25 storeys (358 apartments with a total area of 23 200 square meters, these facilities are now. Moreover, the design of the third phase. It is important that all the facilities will be built already in line with amendments to FZ-214, on the basis of project financing, which provides us with "Sberbank of Russia". Cooperation with "Sberbank" – a guarantee that the house will be completed in time", - shared his plans Eugene Mordovin.

the film is about the developer for 2019:

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