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Metallurgists of "Svyatogor" have increased the turnaround time of converters

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Metallurgists of "Svyatogor" have increased the turnaround time of converters

Krasnouralsk (Sverdlovsk Region)

Thanks to the introduction of a vacuum-cooled water cooling system (VOCR), the metallurgists of Svyatogor JSC (enterprises of the metallurgical complex of UMMC) managed to increase the overhaul period of the converters.

“The main goal of introducing this system is to increase the converter overhaul period,” said Oleg Tyukov, deputy head of the metallurgical shop for equipment of Svyatogor JSC. - If the scheduled overhaul period is 90 days, then we have already managed to increase it to at least 120 days. And today we are making every effort to increase the service life of the system as a whole, to increase its reliability and safety, which means to increase the overhaul period for a longer period.

The essence of the VOPR system is that it allows to reduce the intensity wear of the refractory lining of the converter due to the heat removal process. In other words, it takes the excess heat generated during the conversion of copper mattes onto the copper cooling elements. In the future, this whole process has a reverse cycle, and the water that took heat is cooled in a certain way and again goes to the repeated cooling process.

At present, the VOPR system has already been implemented and is successfully operated at four converters of the metallurgical shop " Svyatogora ". The production workers felt the positive result of this technological solution right away. In addition to increasing the service life, the wear of the refractory masonry has also decreased.

The process of introducing the VOPR system in the metallurgical workshop of Svyatogora took place in stages. In 2017, the design began, which was carried out by the specialists of Uralmekhanobr JSC. After receiving a positive conclusion of the project examination, the facility was equipped with the necessary equipment and materials, then construction and installation work. Converter # 3 was the first to be upgraded, and then all the others. The project was carried out by Svyatogor specialists. The entire set of works on the installation of copper elements, as well as on the refractory masonry was carried out under the supervision of the design organization. At different stages of the project implementation, specialists from Svyatogorostroy LLC, RMZ, instrumentation and automation shops, energy and metallurgical shops were involved.

The total costs of Svyatogor JSC for the launch of the VOPR system on converters amounted to more than 60 million rubles.

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