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Specialized demolition excavator for rent

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Specialized demolition excavator for rent

Spot or intracity development provides for the preliminary demolition and dismantling of old structures existing on the site of the future construction site. To carry out these operations manually, especially if the buildings belong to the categories of high-rise and capital, is too long, and also materially costly (a whole team of professional installers and handymen will be required). Special construction equipment can help out, but not every construction organization has it because of:

  • High value.
  • Maintenance costs.
  • Lack of constant need for it.

And in this case, it is best to simply rent a demolition excavator for the entire duration of the dismantling work. The equipment specially prepared by the manufacturer for these tasks is equipped with a powerful boom. With the help of attachments installed on it, it is possible to destroy not only buildings with a height of 5 floors, but also to demolish structures or foundations in pits with a depth of 8 m.

How the lease is arranged

The customer must initially determine the scope of work to be performed using a demolition excavator at a professional level. This type of equipment is multifunctional and can be equipped with various types of attachments:

  • Bucket for digging and loading debris.
  • A hydraulic hammer capable of breaking even the most powerful RC foundation base.
  • Hydraulic shears for cutting rebar of any diameter.

Delivery of the excavator to the place of its operation and back after the completion of the work is carried out by the transport of the enterprise. The lease term is negotiated with the customer and approved on an official contractual basis. The landlord guarantees to the client the provision of equipment that is fully functional and meets the safety parameters, equipped with all the necessary equipment. You can get a preliminary consultation on the technical capabilities of a demolition excavator and place an application online on the website of the Technolider SPb company, which provides this service on the basis of a valid license.

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