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Safes with delivery and installation as a gift

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Safes with delivery and installation as a gift

The presence of even the simplest safe in its design at home or in the office will not only save money, securities or important documents from theft. It also helps:

  • To find psychological peace of mind for the safety of the property placed in it.
  • In the event of an urgent evacuation (for example, a fire), quickly pick up the valuables placed in one place.
  • Protect securities from accidental leaks and dampness.

To pick up here in the Chancellor company you can not only safes of various sizes, but also metal non-combustible cabinets for documents or weapons. Moreover, the latter require a particularly careful approach when choosing. Cabinets for home storage of hunting or sporting firearms must have:

  • Appropriate dimensions for free placement.
  • Dedicated internal lockable compartment for storing ammunition.

The cabinets themselves must be equipped with devices for their stationary fixation to the floor or wall at the installation site. Only if all the above conditions are met, the presence of which is preliminarily checked by an inspector of supervisory authorities, can a license be obtained for the right to acquire and store firearms.

Convenient purchase format

You can solve several problems at the same time related to the purchase, delivery (safes are not easy by default) of a safe or a metal cabinet using the official website of the Chancellor company. Choose the best fit model:

  • By dimensional parameters.
  • By reliability (complexity) of locking devices.

Allows convenient online catalog functionality. Each name presented on its pages is accompanied by a detailed description and clear color photographs. We offer our clients the option to contact a technical consultant who will help them make their choice and answer all their questions. Checkout is carried out in the appropriate section of the resource. Delivery and installation (including fixing) are free of charge.

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