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Dismantling of industrial metal structures

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Dismantling of industrial metal structures

Reliable and durable metal structures can withstand negative operating factors for decades. But, they also have a flip side of the coin. They cannot be upgraded. To build something new, a preliminary dismantling of metal structures is required. This is especially difficult in industrial plants. The limited space and the significant weight of individual elements require the use of special technology.

When you can't do without dismantling

Old structures can be very dangerous for builders. Before performing any subsequent work on an industrial facility, it is necessary to remove all metal structures that will not be used for their intended purpose in the future. Dismantling is also necessary in other cases:

  1. Total restructuring of an industrial facility.
  2. Change of layout of production facilities.
  3. Replacement of outdated equipment with modern machines or conveyors.
  4. Demolition of an emergency hangar, building or other metal communications.
  5. Optimization to improve workflow or logistics.

Any metal structure has its own operational life. When it comes to an end, or if it has received serious damage in the process, it must be properly demolished. So as not to damage nearby buildings.

Feature and complexity of dismantling

It is worth giving up the idea of ​​dismantling on your own. Without special equipment and an experienced team of workers, the results of such intervention in the emergency structure are guaranteed to bring negative consequences. The peculiarity of industrial dismantling of metal structures lies in the following aspects:

  • work in narrow spaces with increased accuracy;
  • significant height of the structure and its individual elements;
  • subsequent removal of metal outside the building or territory.

Of particular difficulty are non-separable structures that were built according to old technologies, which do not imply neat dismantling in the future. In this case, it is simply impossible to carry out work without a gas cutter, crane installation and many safety equipment.

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