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MC "Kuzbassrazrezugol" masters record investments in production

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MC "Kuzbassrazrezugol" masters record investments in production

Kuzbassrazrezugol Management Company (an enterprise of the raw materials complex of UMMC) is completing the renewal of the main equipment park planned for 2021. More than a dozen new bulldozers have already started work at the Company's open-pit mines.

“Over the past five years, Kuzbassrazrezugol has put into operation a sufficient number of modern excavators of large unit capacity to conduct production activities, but to improve the efficiency of mining transport complexes it is necessary there was a renewal of the bulldozer fleet, - says Igor Kirilov, head of the energy and mechanical department of the Kuzbassrazrezugol Management Company. “This modernization has now affected all the enterprises of the Company.”

In total, the 2021 production modernization program of Kuzbassrazrezugol Management Company includes the receipt of about 110 units of the main mining transport equipment, including more than 80 mining dump trucks, 17 bulldozers and 5 motor graders, hydraulic excavators with different bucket volumes.

Let us remind you that during 2021 Kuzbassrazrezugol changed its investment plans twice, focusing on the positive dynamics of the coal market and adjusted coal production plans. At the end of the first quarter, it was decided to double the cost of purchasing the main mining and transport equipment: from 7.5 billion rubles to 15.2 billion rubles. This allowed the Company to double the delivery of mining trucks planned for 2021 and begin modernization of the bulldozer fleet. At the beginning of the third quarter, the investment plan was expanded by two more large-scale modernization programs: auxiliary technological equipment and non-technological vehicles.

In total, Kuzbassrazrezugol Management Company plans to allocate 25.8 billion rubles for the development of production in 2021 - this is the largest the volume of production investments in the history of the Company.

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