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Metalloinvest shares its experience in modernizing enterprises with participants of the Mining Forum in Tashkent

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Metalloinvest took part in the International Mining Forum of Uzbekistan (UIMF 2021). During the session “Digital Mining: Modernization of the Mining and Metallurgical Industry - Digital Development”, the Company's experts shared with their colleagues their experience of introducing advanced technologies at Metalloinvest enterprises.

Rinat Ismagilov, Director of the Mining Division of Metalloinvest, noted that The company has a Strategy for Qualitative Changes, calculated until 2032, is a response to such new challenges as increased competition and toughening environmental requirements.

The most significant investment projects of Metalloinvest are aimed at increasing sales margins, increasing operational and managerial efficiency, sustainable development.

The company is changing the mining transport schemes of open pits, switching to cyclical-flow technologies. The construction of two stages of the crushing and conveyor complex in the open pit of the MGOK will reduce operating costs by 5%. The implementation of the cyclical-flow technology in the open-cast mine of LGOK will reduce the cost of mining operations by 18%.

Completion of the construction of the concentrate re-enrichment building at Mikhailovsky GOK im. A.V. Varichev and the introduction of concentrate flotation technology at Mikhailovsky and Lebedinsky GOKs will allow the company to become the third in the world capable of producing concentrate of the highest quality - with an iron content of 71% and silicon at the level of 1-1.5%.

Reconstruction of roasting machines at MGOK, LGOK and OEMK im. A.A. Ugarova will provide from 3 to 7% reduction in energy costs.

A plan has been developed for the reconstruction of the first HBI plant at LGOK, which will allow, due to the introduction of oxygen injection, to achieve a 10% increase in productivity.

Construction of a new HBI plant in Zheleznogorsk and a fourth HBI plant at Lebedinsky GOK is underway. Both projects are scheduled for 2024-2025. The total production of HBI will grow from 4.6 to 9 million tonnes per year.

“Our complex projects to improve the quality of concentrate, revamp the roasting machines and produce HBI create the basis for a change in the traditional steel production scheme. The use of briquettes in electric ovens allows to reduce direct and indirect CO2 emissions by up to 50% and by 35% - energy consumption. We are not just talking about green metallurgy. We are introducing these technologies at full speed at our enterprises and helping to reduce the burden on the environment for our partners and clients, ”Rinat Ismagilov said.

Digitalization of key production processes is one of the key areas of modernization at Metalloinvest's enterprises. The company implements mining and geological information systems at Mikhailovsky and Lebedinsky GOKs. As a result, the mining administration located in Moscow will be able, together with enterprises in the regions, to monitor and manage mining operations - from assigning tasks within one week to the medium and long term.

Previously, the mining transport complex management system was implemented: dump trucks and excavators are connected by a single automated system that allows you to direct equipment to the desired area. In general, this gave an increase in the productivity of quarries of about 11%.

Productivity and speed of drilling operations increased by 5-7% due to equipping drilling rigs with automated systems.

Drones were introduced during mine surveying ... Today, the resulting visualization in terms of the quality and detail of mine surveying fully meets all the requirements in this area.

Rinat Ismagilov stressed that the implementation of such ambitious projects is not possible without investment in the development of employees. In modern conditions, increasing the level of professionalism is becoming one of the key factors for business success.

The goal of UIMF 2021 is to attract the attention of specialists and experts to key issues of industrial development and the promotion of advanced achievements in the field of exploration, development of deposits, mining, digitalization and other important areas of the industry.

The forum was attended by representatives of key mining companies, international financial organizations, line ministries, professionals and industry specialists.

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