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Manufacturing of parts using the latest generation lathes

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Manufacturing of parts using the latest generation lathes

Lathes are mandatory for almost all enterprises that manufacture metal parts by cutting, type of equipment. Having already become a classic turning parts , despite the development of new and perfect, including laser technology, is still in demand among customers. At the same time, the machine park itself does not lag behind technical development. Lathes:

  • Equipped with numerical control system.
  • Having high parameters in terms of power and rotation speed of the workpiece being processed.
  • Compact in size and economical in terms of electricity consumption, which significantly reduces the cost of the final product.
  • Designed to work with unique cutting tools and accessories.

Allows to manufacture even the most complex orders in terms of their configuration parameters with a guarantee of compliance with dimensional accuracy (we are talking about fractions of micron tolerances) and in the shortest possible time.

Convenient format for placing an order for manufacturing products using turning equipment

Laser Processing has a whole fleet of modern turning equipment and a staff of highly qualified turners. Orders for the manufacture of products from any type of metal, including:

  • Refractory or extra hard steel grades.
  • Soft and brittle types of non-ferrous alloys.

Can be arranged by the customer through the official website of the company. Dimensional parameters and specifications are provided in electronic form. If necessary, the technological map and calculations can be drawn up by employees of the engineering and design department "Laser Processing".

Orders for manufacturing are accepted for work on a contractual basis with the provision of the customer with the full estimated cost and production schedule, if a large batch of parts is produced. It is possible to order piece products or small series using turning equipment, the conditions are negotiated individually.

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