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"UMMC-Developer" entered the TOP developers of the Sverdlovsk region for the commissioning of new housing

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"UMMC-Developer" entered the TOP developers of the Sverdlovsk region for the commissioning of new housing

The developer UMMC-Zastroyshchik continues to improve its positions in the ratings of regional developers, which are regularly published by the professional portal ERZ.RF. At the end of the first quarter of 2021, the company commissioned over 27,000 square meters of new residential space. This allowed it to move from 10th to 2nd place in the ranking of "TOP developers of the Sverdlovsk region in terms of housing commissioning." : III stage of the complex in January and the restored object of cultural heritage - the building of the Simanovskaya mill, which houses 25 apartments and a restaurant - in March. And in February, as part of the second stage of the Izumrudny Bor residential area, the developer, several months ahead of schedule, commissioned a 22-storey residential building.

As noted by Evgeny Mordovin, head of development projects at UMMC-Zastroyshchik, the company will continue to maintain high rates of new buildings and commercial space commissioning.

“We have big plans for the near future. In the first half of this year we are leasing another house in the Izumrudny Bor district of 25 floors with a fitness center, swimming pool and supermarket. In December 2021. we are running house 3.3 (22 floors), we will hand over the IV stage of the Makarovskiy residential complex, 2.1-2.2 residential complex Nagorny (residential building with commercial premises) and the main section of the complex - 2.6, which will house a fitness center with a swimming pool, a lobby bar , restaurant and offices. Next year we will introduce new houses as part of the III stage of the "Emerald Forest" (3.1, 3.2). In addition, new projects are next in line: a gastromall in the Yekaterinburg-City quarter, an elite-class house in the center of Yekaterinburg on ul. Khokhryakova, 64, multifunctional complex on the street. October Square, 5, Novokoltsovsky District. We build all our facilities adhering to the 7 development standards of "UGMK-Developer", - said Evgeny Mordovin.

Recall that the company "UGMK-Developer" is the leader in the rating of ERZ.RF "TOP Developers in terms of consumer qualities »In the Sverdlovsk region (second place in the federal rating), and is in the top 20 developers in the region in terms of the volume of current construction (62,799 square meters). Portal experts assigned the highest degree of reliability to UMMC-Developer for compliance with the declared terms of housing commissioning. And the residential complex of business and elite class "Makarovsky" erected by him in the center of the Ural capital, according to ERZ.RF, is the best new building in the country (first place in the rating "TOP new buildings in the Russian Federation and the Sverdlovsk region", winner of the award "TOP ZhK 2021 in the nomination" Best residential complex - new building ").

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