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UMMC-Developer received permission to build a new house in the center of Yekaterinburg

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UMMC-Developer received permission to build a new house in the center of Yekaterinburg

The developer UGMK-Zastroyshchik has received a permit to build section 2.3 of the Nagorny business-class residential quarter. The new section will have 24 floors (including 2 levels of underground parking), which will house 120 apartments: from functional one-room apartments to spacious three-room apartments, designed for different life scenarios. Booking of apartments starts today. Commissioning is scheduled for December 2022. All projects are implemented by UMMC-Developer in accordance with its development standards. Buyers of apartments in section 2.3 will appreciate the benefits of a true business class. Among the main advantages are high ceilings from 2.85 meters and spacious warm balconies, where you can organize a lounge area, an office or a mini-gym, since convenient lockers-pantries in the parking lot are available for storing things. Panoramic window constructions will provide magnificent views of the Verkh-Isetsky pond. In them, the developer installs double-glazed windows of the Japanese brand. The windows let natural light into the room well, perfectly protect from ultraviolet radiation and provide improved thermal insulation. The planning solutions of the apartments were developed taking into account the laws of ergonomics: spacious kitchens-living rooms, dressing rooms, master bedrooms, toilet rooms for each bedroom, doorways to the ceiling in accordance with the latest design trends - all this allows you to embody almost any design idea. The frame of the house consists of a monolith and brick, which is highly resistant to temperature extremes and excellent soundproofing properties. Also at the service of future apartment owners are European engineering solutions: a high-tech water purification system, a heating system with excellent heat transfer and temperature control, breathers with the function of air purification and heating during the cold season, eliminate the need to open a window. High-speed elevators with noise reduction. White box finishing is provided for finished apartments: such works as leveling the ceiling with gypsum mixtures, floor screed with sound-insulating material for a finishing coating, plastering and leveling of walls, installation of electrical wiring, switches, sockets will be performed in advance. This means that the resident of the Nagorny residential complex will immediately be able to start finishing the new apartment according to his own design project. At the same time, the developer is ready to redevelop the apartment according to the buyer's project even at the stage of section construction. The new living space created by UMMC-Developer is not only comfortable apartments, but also a rich internal infrastructure of each object. In the “Nagorny” space, buyers of apartments in section 2.3 will find safe courtyards without cars with landscape design and the concept of “always blooming courtyard”, children's playgrounds with environmentally friendly sea pebbles, workout and lounge areas made of natural wood, heated underground parking. These advantages will organically complement the infrastructure of the residential complex. In addition to residential sections in the Nagorny residential complex, in accordance with the UMMC-Builder standard, there will be a shop, a medical clinic, a pharmacy, a children's center, a dental clinic, and an office of the developer's own management company. The main gallery of the complex (section 2.6) with a single reception area for the entire block in the style of an expensive five-star hotel will house a lobby bar, a restaurant and a fitness center with a swimming pool. Another advantage of the new apartments is the Nagorny location. This is the VIZ-Center area with excellent transport accessibility. There is a well-developed social infrastructure: next to Nagorny there are several municipal kindergartens, a renovated School No. 1 for 1,000 seats, three more municipal schools, a private medical center. Within walking distance there is the Yekaterinburg-Arena stadium, the Youth Palace, a green the park named after the XII Party Congress for outdoor walks and the water area of ​​the Verkh-Isetsky pond. The high consumer properties of the quarter are appreciated by experts: the Nagorny residential complex recently became a nominee for the prestigious federal Urba Awards-2021, and in 2020 the project became a finalist of the award. "Nagorny" has already won two major federal awards: "TOP ZhK - 2021" in the nomination "The best residential complex - a new building in the Sverdlovsk region" and "Key Award N1 - 2020" in the nomination "Place to live".

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