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"KRU" will create natural reserves

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"KRU" will create natural reserves

JSC "UK "Kuzbassrazrezugol" (enterprise resource complex of UMMC) is taking part in the organization of the two protected areas (PAS) in the Kemerovo region. With the financial support of the coal Company began work on the creation of a Botanical nature monument "Artyshta" in Belovsky district, and the Botanical reserve of regional value "ridges Luchsheva" in prokopyevsky municipal district.br>

the Project is implemented jointly with the scientists of Kuzbass Botanical garden, Federal research center of coal and coal chemistry of the Siberian branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences. The purpose of creating protected areas is the preservation of unique natural landscapes and rare species of flora and fauna included into the Red book of the Kemerovo region and the Russian Federation.

protected areas – land, water surface and air space over them where natural complexes having special ecological, scientific, cultural, aesthetic, recreational and health values. For objects such territories establishes a special protection regime withdrawal from economic activities.

"it is Very important that this process involves not only environmental organizations and scientists, and coal miners, - stressed head of laboratory of ecological assessment and management biodiversity FITZ coal and coal chemistry SB RAS Yuri Manakov. – And in the scale of Russia's experience in the conservation of valuable natural areas coal companies are only in the Kuzbass".

"Our Company is a responsible company. In our work we strictly observe the legislation in the sphere of environmental protection, - said the Deputy Director on ecology, industrial security and land use of the criminal code "KRU" Vitaly Lotokhin. - Our obligation - it is reasonable to treat the unique nature of Siberia and help to preserve it for future generations. That's why we constantly cooperate with leading experts in the field of biodiversity conservation".

research and preparatory work for the establishment of protected areas "Artyshta" and "ridges Luchsheva" is scheduled to be completed by the end of 2020.

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