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A campaign to promote the roofing materials of "Severstal" was a finalist for the Effie Awards Russia 2020

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the Advertising campaign "Severstal" "the Roof against the elements" was a finalist in the
Effie Awards Russia 2020. As part of the award jury selects the best projects.
for major achievement in the field of advertising and marketing communications

head of the Department of promotion of production of JSC "Severstal" Tatiana
Kondratiev said: "reaching the final of the Effie Awards Russia, the main
awards for achievements in marketing and advertising, is for us a seal of approval.
the chosen approach and a good result in competition with B2C brands. We
are particularly pleased to determine the value of your project is not only based on
business results, but the results of high-rating foreign and Russian
experts of the advertising market".

"Severstal" used the original approach that allowed the company to
stand out from the competition. For the first time in his campaign provider
metal promotes the metal, which, in turn, sell
the consumer company the shapers. The aim of this approach is to form
end-user customers a way of "Severstal" as on the roof

a Comprehensive advertising campaign took place in Russia from may to September 2019.

Promotional video
was shown on the leading TV channels in the pauses in the moment
broadcast of the world hockey Championship and on the advertising panels near
the gas stations. Feature of promotion on the Internet has become
the use of weather targeting, that is, auto video,
appropriate weather conditions outside the window.

According to the study, the majority of consumers in the head
angle puts the longevity and presentation of the material. The campaign slogan
"Reliable roofing is happy at home" emphasizes that the roof is not just
material, and the symbol of prosperity and happiness. The tests in
climate chambers of rolled steel with polymer coating produced by the
Severstal, it was determined that the service life of such material is from 30 to 50
years, depending on the class of zinc coating and of the region of operation.
Therefore, a quality metal roof can last at least
two or three generations. This is not only an investment in your foreseeable future, but
in the future of children and grandchildren.

read More about exit strategy on the consumer you can see from the video,
specially prepared for Effie Awards Russia

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