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Work shoes in St. Petersburg

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Work shoes in St. Petersburg

At any manufacturing enterprise, it is very important to use special work clothes and shoes. This will make the working conditions as safe and comfortable as possible for each employee. Safety shoes are an important element of an enterprise employee's outfit. If you are faced with the task of providing workers with working footwear, you can contact the company "Spetsodezhda". It offers many models for different industries.

What shoes can you choose for the job?

The most important criterion by which a decision is made to purchase work shoes is the scope. When choosing such shoes, you need to pay attention to the material of manufacture, the type of sole, etc. If you work in the chemical industry, you must give preference to footwear resistant to the effects of reagents. Chemicals should not be absorbed into it, punctures and cuts should not form. This way you can achieve maximum protection in production.

Choice of work footwear depending on work activity

  • For workers in the metallurgical sector, it is necessary to select durable boots that can reliably protect against hot metal particles, etc.
  • Electricians and welders should choose shoes with dielectric properties. Such a solution will protect against electric shock during installation work with electrical installations.
  • Shoes for medical workers deserve special attention. For them the company "Spetsodezhda" offers models of footwear made of polyurethane, polyvinyl chloride, durable rubber. These can be clogs or other shoe models.
  • For hunters and fishermen, it is advisable to opt for army shoes. These are reliable and durable models of boots and boots that will not let you down in the most difficult operating conditions.

Thus, almost every working profession requires the use of work shoes. Turning to the specialists of the company "Spetsodezhda", you can choose models of work shoes for absolutely different industries. When ordering bulk quantities, you can count on discounts.

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