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Production of corrugated board in Almaty

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Production of corrugated board in Almaty

Thanks to the development of modern technologies in the construction industry, new materials with high performance indicators appear. Outdated materials such as slate sheets are a thing of the past, and they are replaced by improved ones, for example, corrugated board . There are many advantages for its operation, so it is very popular as a roofing material.

Use of corrugated board in construction

Let's consider what a profiled sheet is and what are the main purposes of its application. In most cases, galvanized steel is used as the main production material. A special polymer coating is applied to its front side, which improves performance.

The roof with its use differs not only in strength indicators. The modern appearance of the building, aesthetic properties - these are also some of the advantages of using this building material. Versatility and functionality are the main qualities that are inherent in a profiled sheet. Indeed, in addition to the roof, it can be used as protective structures, as well as for cladding the facade of buildings.

Material is classified depending on the scope. So, there are options for roofs, fences, for use as a covering. When choosing, you should pay attention to the letter designations.

Ordering corrugated board in Almaty

"Firma Demeu" LLC specializes in the supply of profiled sheets with a polymer coating, as well as a galvanized version. The first option has a number of advantages, including a longer operational period, increased strength, and aesthetic appearance. Galvanized steel decking also has significant advantages. This is ease and simplicity of installation, convenient transportation and delivery to the construction site, a wide range of colors.

The company in Almaty has its own production of profiled sheets. By contacting the company's specialists, you can order such material for construction needs in any volume.

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