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UMMC took part in the international congress "Forum 100+" in Yekaterinburg

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UMMC took part in the international congress "Forum 100+" in Yekaterinburg

The Ural Mining and Metallurgical Company (UMMC) took part in the Forum 100+ international congress dedicated to the design, construction, financing and operation of structures for any purpose. Since the founding of the forum, UMMC has been one of the general sponsors and its active participant. The Forum takes place from October 20 to 22 in Yekaterinburg at the Yekaterinburg-EXPO IEC. This year, its theme is Conscious Building.

The Forum opened with the session "Contemporary Temple Building in an Urban Environment." Experts discussed how religious buildings should look like and what functions they should perform. “Today the temple should combine modern trends and traditions of religious construction, be not only a religious center, but also an open public space for different social groups,” summing up the meeting, said Sergei Erypalov, Director for Capital Construction and Investments at UMMC.

UMMC, realizing its social responsibility, traditionally pays special attention to cultural, sports, medical and religious projects in the cities of presence. Over the 20 years of the company's existence, projects have been implemented and are underway for the construction of multifunctional medical centers, a touring theater and the largest Museum complex in Europe in the town of Verkhnyaya Pyshma, more than 10 ice arenas, including a multifunctional ice arena for 15,000 spectators in the city. Yekaterinburg, a huge number of residential complexes and cottage settlements for employees and commercial sales, as well as more than 50 Orthodox churches, a mosque. On the large screen of the UMMC stand within the framework of the forum, a video is shown about the implemented projects for the construction of religious buildings, the peculiarities of their construction and restoration are reflected in a unique book published by UMMC last year.

The corporation's many years of experience in the field of construction are presented at the company's stand in the form of numerous details of a designer, from which a comfortable living environment is assembled. The stand concept reflects the aspects of innovations in the field of construction technologies and the need to change the urban environment in accordance with the needs and development trends of society.

UMMC invites all visitors to the forum to participate in the construction of a joint city - on an area of ​​2 * 2 m, where the company's projects and a typical urban environment are recreated from the designer. In this city, each participant can complete whatever he considers necessary. Visitors to the stand can also take a photo with a unique vintage car Victor Ruabout (1907) from the UMMC Museum Complex and get acquainted with the peculiarities of the high-tech courtyard zone of the Makarovsky Residential Complex, one of the complexes built by UMMC-Developer, which today presented new development standards that change the approach to the construction of residential properties not only in Yekaterinburg and the Sverdlovsk region, but also in Russia. Based on these standards, the developer has been building elite class housing, business and comfort + in the capital of the Urals since 2017.

“Our main task is to set a new quality of life. To do this, we have created development standards, which are based on a responsible attitude towards the territories of presence, to enrich and develop them, preserving history, "said the head of development projects " UMMC-Developer "Evgeny Mordovin.

Among the new standards, the developer listed a number of significant aspects: the creation of a separate closed ecosystem within the project, the selection of the best locations for construction, the formation and development of public spaces, a qualitatively new approach to gardening of courtyards, the organization of its own management company, the creation of ergonomic apartment spaces with modern technologies.

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