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Gaysky GOK's mining equipment fleet has been replenished with a new shotcrete unit

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Gaysky GOK's mining equipment fleet has been replenished with a new shotcrete unit

Gai (Orenburg region)

The underground mine of PJSC "Gaysky GOK " (an enterprise of the UMMC raw materials complex) received a self-propelled spray gun Spraymec SF 050 VC with an electro-hydraulic drive (manufactured by "Normet ", Finland), intended for securing mine workings. Let us explain that underground workings are fastened by gunning - layer-by-layer spraying of mortar under very high pressure, as a result of which the mortar particles adhere tightly to the surface, filling cracks and tiny pores.

“Two similar machines from this manufacturer are already operating at the mine. The new technique has proven itself well in terms of the quality of workings fastening and productivity. The main thing is that it meets the requirements for securing workings and facilitates the work of lumberjacks, ”says Mikhail Ivanovich Pavlov, Deputy Chief Engineer for Mining and Ventilation of the Underground Mine of the Gaysky GOK.

The received Spraymec self-propelled machine is equipped with an improved shotcrete boom with reinforced steel structure. Good boom mobility and automated nozzle movements help the operator to spread the concrete more evenly for better coverage. The operator can control the boom both directly from the cab and using the remote control. The console is especially necessary for operating the machine in an invisible, "blind" zone, which provides additional convenience and increased operator safety when working.

The operator's cab is equipped with a dashboard with a new LCD Multi-Information Display (MID). “It is quite easy to operate the equipment, even in spite of its size. The display shows all the technical parameters necessary for stable operation, - says Viktor Ozerov, an operator, a binder of the section of mining and preparation works No. 17.

A continuous full cycle of mechanized shotcrete paired with Spraymec is provided by a self-propelled mixer for transporting concrete mortar. The concrete mixer capacity of the Mixer from the same manufacturer is 5 tons. The mixer is loaded with ready-made mortar at the nearest BRU (concrete-mortar unit). There are several of them at the Underground mine - BRUs are located at the horizons: 910, 1070, 1230 meters.

In general, a team of lumberjacks covers more than 200 square meters per shift. meters, covering the walls of the workings with a layer of concrete, 5-6 cm thick. Two specialists work in the shift - one of whom manages the equipment, the second monitors the bunker, the supply of the solution from the mixer. The duties of the drivers also include maintenance, keeping the machine clean. Moreover, the boom washing process is automated, and the machine is washed every shift by the Karcher washing installation installed on the equipment. Note that all operators admitted to work on the Spraymec FM 050 VC have undergone two months of training and practical training.

Since the beginning of this year, 20 units of self-propelled mining equipment have been received at the Gaysky GOK Underground mine - bucket trucks, dump trucks , drilling rigs, mixer.

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