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BMK steel ropes are approved for shipping

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Beloretsk Metallurgical Plant (BMK JSC, part of the Mechel Group) is recognized by the Russian Maritime Register of Shipping as a certified manufacturer of products for the construction and equipment of sea vessels. The certificate makes it possible to supply BMK products to shipbuilding plants, which will allow the company to expand its sales market.

The Russian Maritime Register of Shipping is one of the leading classification societies in the world that checks product manufacturers for compliance with the requirements of marine shipbuilding.

galvanized steel ropes BMK with plastically compressed strands, manufactured according to our own specifications. Due to plastic reduction, the wire rope has increased strength and wear resistance to abrasion. These ropes were tested for suitability for use in sea vessels for the first time.

The quality of galvanized ropes, manufactured according to 26 national and foreign standards and technical specifications, was also confirmed. Thanks to the zinc coating, the ropes become resistant to corrosion in aggressive environments. They are used on cargo-lifting vessels, towing steamers as towing, mooring and anchor ropes, they are used in rigging devices for lifting and moving cargo.

During the inspection, the expert of the Maritime Register visited rope shops, including a new section on production of multi-strand ropes, examined the equipment, attended the test of the adhesion of the zinc coating to the steel base and ropes for mechanical properties, checked the technical documentation. The results of the inspection confirmed that BMK ropes are manufactured in accordance with the requirements of the rules for the construction of sea-going vessels.

The certificate of the Russian Maritime Register of Shipping must be confirmed every year.


Department of Public Relations and Information BMKOksana Borovykh Tel .: + 7-34792-569-80 ext .: 672-30E-mail: [email protected]

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