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Ion exchange filters for water softening

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Ion exchange filters for water softening

Water hardness is determined by the percentage of dissolved calcium and magnesium ions in it. It is they who form scale during boiling, but in this way only the so-called carbonate hardness can be reduced, while the Ca and Mg salts remain in constant proportions. Their presence:

  • Gives water an unpleasant bitter taste.
  • Gradually deposited in the kidneys and in the human skeleton.
  • Reduce the service life of household appliances (kettles, hot water boilers, washing machines).
  • Destroy the structure of clothes when washed.

An effective way to soften water using ion-exchange filtration technology is offered by the specialists of the Trading concern (details on the official website https://ctrading.com.ua/tehnologii/umyagchenie-vody/), carrying out the calculation, supply and installation of equipment according to individual orders of their customers.

Schematic diagram of ion exchange filters

The classical scheme of the device of ion-exchange filters is a structure consisting of 2 tanks, one of which is connected to the supply system of water requiring filtration (softening):

  1. A container with sodium cationic resin placed in it.
  2. Saline tank.

When passing through the resin layer, as a result of a natural chemical reaction, calcium and magnesium salts are replaced by sodium ions. The output is soft water softened to the optimum salt content (1 - 2 mg-eq /l).

The expired resource (set by the manufacturer), the resin undergoes a regeneration procedure. A salt solution prepared in the 2nd tank is passed through it, which fills the resin with sodium ions, and it can be used again for softening.

To obtain more complete information about the technical capabilities of ion-exchange water filters, as well as to order the calculation of the required model of this type of equipment for the performance of specific technological or household tasks, you can use the website of the Concern "Trading". Callback ordering for consultation is carried out directly on the Internet resource.

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