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Installation of fire doors from the manufacturer

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Installation of fire doors from the manufacturer

During a fire in a building, the door acts as the only barrier to the spread of the flame. Situations are not uncommon when doors are installed in buildings made of materials that are not able to withstand fire. Therefore, the risk of accidents is quite high. Fire doors is one of the most important preventive measures to combat with fire.

Ordering fire doors

If the company needs to install fire doors, you can contact the manufacturer - the company "Metalloizdeliya". It provides a wide range of services, from design to installation in accordance with GOST. Specialists make door designs of various modifications. Wholesale and retail sales are carried out. The benefits of cooperation include:

  • Extensive experience in the manufacture of fireproof door systems.
  • Affordable price range due to our own production.
  • 3 years warranty upon conclusion of the contract.
  • Sales of high performance products.

High-strength steel with a thickness of at least 1.5 mm is used as a material for the production of doors. All door structures are smoke-tight and have a high fire resistance class. The designs include a fireproof lock, the price of which is included in the total cost. All door designs are guaranteed. They are made in full accordance with the dimensions.


The company's website contains a catalog of solutions available for operational order. You can pay attention to single and double door designs. The possibility of installing stainless steel doors in a smoke and gas tight design is offered. Additional parameters can be set depending on your needs.

At the initial stage of cooperation, an estimate is made and a project is developed. Further, specialists develop drawings and produce fire doors in the desired design. After painting, the equipment is installed.

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