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Car lamps

There is no single lamp standard for all cars. Almost every manufacturer of lighting fixtures uses its own, unique type of base, which is not compatible with other car brands. If you use the help Lamps ap , find a new bulb instead of a burned out one , will not be difficult. Serviceable lighting devices are the key to safe driving not only in the dark, but also during the day.

Which bulb is better?

There is always the possibility and desire to interfere a little with the recommendations prescribed by the manufacturer, and choose a more powerful bulb in the headlight, brake lights or direction indicators. You shouldn't do it. Apart from the technical reasoning that the entire wiring of the machine is designed for certain loads, there are other reasons:

  1. Wrong light will blind oncoming drivers.
  2. Fuses will blow more often at the most inopportune moment.
  3. The longevity of the bulb itself will also be reduced.
  4. Penalty for inconsistency between the characteristics of the headlights and the factory parameters.

Is the temperature of the light so important

Simulating daylight gives better results. The human eye is the best at recognizing obstacles, adequately assessing the rapidly changing environment behind the windshield. This indicator corresponds to a temperature from 4000 to 6500K. For headlights against fog, on the contrary, a warmer shade is needed in the region of 3000K. It is he who allows through the white shroud to timely distinguish between obstacles and other road users.

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