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OEMK received a universal loader crane on a truck chassis

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At the Oskol electrometallurgical plant named after A.A. Ugarov (part of the Metalloinvest company) received a universal vehicle capable of replacing three vehicles at once - a truck, a truck crane and an aerial platform. The new crane-manipulator on the KamAZ chassis is compact and mobile. Its use will improve efficiency and reduce the time of repair work.

The vehicle can be used for lifting and transporting loads weighing up to 14 tons. In crane mode, its lifting capacity is up to 7 tons, the lifting height is 21 meters.

For the repair of buildings and structures, maintenance of overhead power lines and heating systems, a platform is attached to the telescopic boom that can lift two people to a height of 24 meters. Safety of work is additionally ensured by the presence of a remote control, horizontal leveling mechanisms and fixing the platform in the working position. The descent of people from a height, even in the event of engine failure, is guaranteed by an autonomous hydraulic station.

The new equipment meets the requirements of Rostechnadzor and the regulations of the Customs Union in the field of machinery and equipment safety.

The renewal of the vehicle fleet is part of the implementation of the program to transform the maintenance and repair business, covering all Metalloinvest enterprises.

The main goals of the program are to improve the technical readiness of equipment, optimize service standards, increase the productivity of maintenance personnel, and optimize stocks. The accumulated economic effect from the implementation of the planned actions in 2024 will amount to over 4 billion rubles.

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