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How is the sale of scrap metal at auctions in Ukraine

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How is the sale of scrap metal at auctions in Ukraine

The use of secondary raw materials gives enterprises the opportunity to save their own funds and the country's natural resources. The sale of scrap metal in Ukraine is carried out through the state system Prozorro.

LLC "Electronic Trading Ukraine" invites everyone to take part in the auction and purchase ferrous metal, scrap copper and other non-ferrous metals at a reduced price.

After recycling, the quality of ferrous and non-ferrous metals is fully restored. They can now be reused in the construction and production of various goods.

Scrap metal - is it?
Scrap metal is considered to be products or their parts unsuitable for further operation, which include ferrous or non-ferrous metals.

State-owned metallurgical and machine-building enterprises can dispose of ferrous scrap and sell non-ferrous scrap through the system transparently. Various metal structures, unusable wagons and vehicles, metal shavings, the remains of structures can be sold as scrap metal.

Before the Prozorro system, it was difficult to dispose of used scrap metal. Therefore, earlier devices that were out of order, outdated structures and other decommissioned property, which included metal, were stored for years on the balance sheets of enterprises without disposal.

With the start of electronic trading, enterprises have a chance to sell their scrap metal and get money for it. In turn, the participants in the auction have the opportunity to buy scrap of ferrous and non-ferrous metals at a reduced price. To do this, you just need to register in the bidding system, make a guarantee fee and monitor the auction in real time.

Scrap of non-ferrous metals and secondary raw materials sold at auctions
Everyone who registers in the Prozorro system can take part in one of the auctions, including:

land lease auction
real estate and land auction
auction of cars and agricultural machinery
auction of various hardware and equipment
scrap metal auction and others.
Among the lots for the sale of scrap metal, you can find proposals for the sale of non-ferrous metals: scrap aluminum, copper, bronze and brass.

Wires, cables, relays, fluorescent lamps and starters contain non-ferrous metals. Obsolete machine tools and mechanisms, decommissioned cranes, valves and valves, as well as tube televisions and refrigerators of the Soviet period contain valuable non-ferrous metals.

Sold at a scrap metal auction?

cast iron pipes
metal shavings: aluminum, steel, copper
cable production
scrap of non-ferrous and ferrous metals
zinc pipes and so on.
Based on materials: https://ubiz.ua/

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