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Severstal has completed the construction of an innovative electric arc furnace

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PAO Severstal, one of the world's largest vertically integrated steel and mining companies, has started the hot trial phase of a new arc steelmaking furnace # 1 (DSP-1) at the site of the Cherepovets Metallurgical Plant (CherMK is part of the Severstal Russian Steel Division) .

Daieli (Italy) was the supplier of basic engineering and basic technological equipment. A unit unique for the Russian metallurgy with a capacity of 1.3 million tons per year combines the capabilities of an electric arc furnace and a small-volume converter.

DSP-1 is capable of operating both without liquid iron and with its increased consumption (85% - cast iron, 15% - scrap). The steel smelting process is mainly provided by powerful injectors for oxygen supply and a supersonic lance.

“Construction of DSP-1 is a continuation of the global re-equipment of the main technological chain of CherMK. Severstal's investment program is directly related to our goals of profitability and sustainability, and also meets the trend of using green technologies in metallurgy. The design features of the new unit can significantly reduce the consumption of electricity and graphite electrodes at a high consumption of cast iron. Due to this, we expect to reduce the cost of production, minimize the company's dependence on the volatile market and increase our energy efficiency, "commented Severstal CEO Alexander Shevelev.

New equipment in the steelmaking industry will allow processing additional volumes of molten iron from blast furnace No. 3 , which was blown out in December 2020. One of the next steps for the development of steelmaking capacities is the reconstruction of the slab UNRSelektrostal.

The DSP-1 complex includes a modern waste gas treatment system equipped with a water-cooled gas duct, a needle cooler and a bag filter. The new waste gas purification system is designed to ensure compliance with modern environmental standards for emissions of pollutants into the atmospheric air (no more than 10 mg /m3) and compliance with the maximum permissible concentrations of harmful substances at workplaces.

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