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How to quickly and profitably hand over scrap metal

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How to quickly and profitably hand over scrap metal

Improvement of cities and even small settlements provides for the demolition of buildings or structures that do not fit into the general architectural format. As a rule, these are metal:

  • Garages and utility blocks.
  • Kiosks and antediluvian public transport stops.
  • Power lines not in operation.

At the same time, their owner pays for dismantling activities, the work of loading and special equipment, as well as transport. It is quite easy to avoid such expenses and even earn a decent amount if you hand over scrap metal for scrap, while not bothering to organize the removal of metal structures. This is how this procedure looks in practice.

Acceptance of scrap by Privolzhskaya Metallurgical Company

For the owner of a metal structure that requires dismantling for removal and further disposal, it is enough to go to the site of the Volga Metallurgical Company, which carries out acceptance of scrap metal in unlimited volumes at high market prices. All details:

  • About the type of metal structure.
  • The location of the object.
  • By a user-friendly date, time of dismantling and removal.

Clarified by the client himself by phone (numbers are indicated on the main page of the Internet resource). Transport of the required carrying capacity for removal, installers and the tools necessary for the analysis are provided by the companies. The appraiser conducts a preliminary inspection and calculation of the cost of the metal being handed over, the value of which is agreed with the owner, after which he can receive the agreed amount in any format convenient for himself - cash, transfer to a bank card, b /n to the bank account of the organization.

Admission is carried out on a formal contractual basis. At the request of the client, he is provided with documents confirming the disposal of scrap for submission to the controlling government agencies. The list of names of metal structures that are not accepted for disposal is presented in the corresponding section of the official website of the Privolzhskaya Metallurgical Company.

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