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Services of the company "House Delux"

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Services of the company "House Delux"

Do you plan to build a house? In this matter, one of the main components is the choice of a company that is engaged in construction work. Designing an individual residential building is one of the priority directions of the House Delux company. It offers its clients a wide range of services, both as a complex and separately. You can learn more about them on the website.

Features of individual design of houses

This service is a set of measures that allow you to design a house according to an individually developed project. By contacting the company's specialists, you can order the development of a design project in full compliance with the requirements. Experienced specialists fully proceed from the requirements of customers, choosing the area, number of floors, etc. This takes into account the possibilities of the budget.

Stages of designing private houses

The process of developing design projects consists of several main stages. Among them are:

  • Discussion and agreement on all details, including portfolio views and architectural catalogs.
  • Selection and approval of the finished project version. To do this, clients can start from two or more private house projects.
  • Cost calculation. In this matter, all factors are taken into account, ranging from the complexity of architectural solutions and ending with additional services, the help of a designer, etc.
  • Development of an individual project, which is carried out by experienced specialists in the studio. The stage ends with the creation of a technical project with all the necessary drawings.

In the package of documents, you will find not only architectural drawings. It presents projects for water supply, heating, electrical engineering and other utilities.

Peculiarities of geodetic works

The stage of construction work is always preceded by geodetic work. With their help, specialists can determine the exact location of the structure and its elements. In this case, they rely on the geometric parameters of the construction object itself. Geodetic alignment work is one of the areas of the House Delux company. She has specialized in surveying for over 10 years. All services are provided on time and with a guarantee of quality performance.

Geodetic work is a responsible type of activity, consisting of several stages. Among them are topographic works, axes breakdown, executive survey and others.

Thus, after geodetic alignment work you can get all the necessary data about any construction site. As a result, the building will be erected correctly, taking into account all the requirements.

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