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Copper collection points

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Copper collection points

Copper is one of the most valuable non-ferrous metals that are in great demand nowadays. It is contained in various items, including cables, wires and other products. If you have accumulated a sufficiently large amount of copper, you can contact the nearest point - hand over the batch. One of the activities of Metal Standard is copper intake . You can get acquainted with the services of the company on the website in more detail.

Copper reception: key features

Almost everyone in the house has objects containing copper. If they have already exhausted their resource and need to be disposed of, you can not rush to carry them to the trash. It is enough to collect copper products and take them to the collection point. It is quite easy to hand over scrap copper. To do this, you need to contact the specialists of the Lom4met company. They specialize in services for the removal of non-ferrous scrap and offer favorable terms of cooperation to all clients.

Copper scrap delivery

Delivery of scrap is carried out at any convenient time. Reception of scrap is carried out in relation to a variety of products. These include dishes, household radiators, wires, pipes, fittings, wire. The final cost is influenced by the scrap category. Allocate copper in pieces, in the form of industrial waste, copper rolled metal, castings, conductors, etc.

The company's specialists are also engaged in the reception of bronze, brass, copper-nickel alloys and other elements. The company is fully legal.

Key benefits of collaboration

It is quite easy to hand over non-ferrous scrap in St. Petersburg. You just need to deliver it yourself to the drop-off point or use the services of experienced company specialists. They will arrange fast transportation at a prearranged time. Payment will be made immediately after weighing. This guarantees an accurate weight.

It is profitable to cooperate with the company for a number of reasons - always high prices for accepting non-ferrous scrap, timely removal, availability of a license, the ability to call a scrap appraiser, focus on long-term cooperation. You can leave a request on the company's website.

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