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Acceptance of copper at the Industrial Company

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Acceptance of copper at the Industrial Company

Copper can rightfully be called one of the most demanded types of non-ferrous metal. It is widely used in many industrial sectors, and is also used as a material for the manufacture of equipment, household items, etc. Its cost in the non-ferrous metal market is quite high. If you want to hand over copper scrap at a bargain price, you can go to the website of the PKF Industry company. Upon request copper price per 1 kg of scrap Chelyabinsk you can refine all the data on her website pkfindustriya.ru.

What types of copper can be handed over

Reception points in Chelyabinsk accept copper scrap in any volume of various types. You can hand it over in the form of premium electrical scrap, lump copper or mix. Electrical scrap is represented by a cable with a thickness of 2 mm. Scrap of the first grade includes pieces of copper with a small content of scale. This includes parts of pipes, engines, gas water heaters. Second grade scrap is a mix with the amount of impurities not exceeding 5%.

Copper price: how the price is formed

The cost per kilogram of copper is quite diverse. A large number of impurities indicates a low price equivalent. Therefore, the purity of the chemical composition comes first. Also, the presence of contamination plays an important role - residues of paint and varnish materials, paint stains, etc. You can also note the weight of the delivered batch, dimensions, availability of demand for products.

The final cost of a batch of scrap is also influenced by the availability of additional services - dismantling, loading and unloading, delivery, etc. The client can hand over any batch of scrap. You can read the pricing policy on the website.

How to hand over copper scrap?

If you have a certain batch of colored copper scrap, you can turn it in and get a reward. For this purpose, reception points in Chelyabinsk offer their work. All scrap metal is quality tested. To hand over a batch of scrap, you need to call the specified phone numbers or write to the email address. You can also fill out the feedback form on the website. If you need advice on services, you can ask a question to a specialist online.

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