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Severstal and Rosbank launch settlements via Transit 2.0 NSD

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Severstal, one of the world's largest vertically integrated steel and mining companies, and Rosbank have started to send host-to-host financial messages using the Transit 2.0 digital platform of the National Settlement Depository (NSD).

Transit 2.0 provides secure data exchange between the corporate system of the Severstal company and the host-to-host service of Rosbank. NSD's modern multi-bank service is designed for high-speed exchange of financial messages with counterparties. The platform makes it possible to unify and standardize the interaction of system participants as much as possible, to increase its efficiency and safety.

Alexey Kulichenko, Deputy General Director for Finance and Economics, Severstal: “The introduction of advanced technologies is the basis of Severstal's digital transformation. The launch of the Transit 2.0 platform will allow us to improve the treasury function for working with partner banks. The scale of our company's activities requires solutions that are universal for each corporation. ”Alexey Yasakov, Head of Central Digital Solutions for Corporate and Investment Business of Rosbank:“ Rosbank, as an experienced participant in the Transit 2.0 platform, knows how this solution radically changes the relationship of corporations with credit institutions. We are confident that our partnership with Severstal will receive new opportunities for development thanks to work at one convenient site - NSD's Transit 2.0.

Alexander Nam, Managing Director for Technological Services, NSD: “Myrady will continue to effectively cooperate with“ Severstal ". New customers are always new opportunities for the product itself. Thanks to customer wishes, the platform acquires new functionality, which is then used by all participants in the financial market. ”

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