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Metalloinvest will become a platform for the implementation of breakthrough IT projects in Industry 4.0

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Metalloinvest will select promising IT projects as part of the third annual Kryptonite Startup Challenge, organized by the Kryptonite investment company. The final will take place in September, and the best projects will be implemented in the Company.

“Metalloinvest is implementing a large-scale digitalization program. Targeted selection for the Kryptonite Startup Challenge is one of the most effective ways to find advanced solutions in Industry 4.0, emphasizes Yulia Shutkina, Director of Digital Transformation at Metalloinvest. “In turn, for industrial IT startups, this is an excellent opportunity to test hypotheses or a finished product directly in production, to attract investment in their project.”

The prize fund of the competition includes 1 million rubles for the development of the project and travel to one of the European startup conferences. Each participant will get a chance for investment, new business partnerships and scaling. You can apply to participate in the Kryptonite Startup Challenge until May 31, 2021.

Industrial track projects should correspond to one or several areas:

  • digitalization of construction and mining sector : assessment of the pace of work, the condition of roads and ledges, pit collapse risks based on aerial photography, scanning or telemetry sensors;
  • digital twins : augmented reality technologies for assessing the state of assets, modeling the calculation of the heat balance of buildings and structures based on 3D, assessing the effectiveness of modernization of heating systems;
  • robotics and unmanned vehicles : the use of robotics for work in hard-to-reach places, increasing the capabilities of personnel using exoskeletons, the introduction of unmanned vehicles.

“Kryptonite Startup Challenge is not only a chance for investment, but also a fast track for those who are looking for pilot projects, new business partners or are planning to scale up,” comments Danil Zharikov , Director of Investment Projects at Kryptonite Investment Company. - Not only live investments are important for founders, but also networking with professionals and potential users, as well as constant testing of the product in the business environment. Therefore, this year the competition has brought together partners, leaders in their field, in order to promote the implementation of innovative projects in large Russian companies. "

For reference:

IC "Kryptonite" invests both in technology startups and in successful commercial projects. For startups, the company is not only an investor, but also a partner who will help with the development of a science-intensive product and business processes associated with bringing this product to the market: finding a customer, scaling or conducting a pilot project.

Kryptonite Startup Challenge (kryptonite-startup.ru) is a technology start-up competition organized by Kryptonite Investment Company. It was first held in 2019 and became one of the key events in the venture capital market.

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