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Gaysky GOK started testing the "Porodny trakt-2" complex

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Gaysky GOK started testing the "Porodny trakt-2" complex

Gai (Orenburg Region)

Specialists of the underground mine of PJSC Gaysky GOK (an enterprise of the raw materials complex of UMMC) have started conducting comprehensive testing of the crushing and conveyor complex Porodny Trakt 2 to the Skipovaya mine shaft with achievement of the passport characteristics of the main technological equipment.

The main technological equipment includes: conveyor galleries; crushing complex; bunkers of uncrushed ore at different horizons.

"Porodny tract-2" is designed to dispense rock mass from the lower horizons along the shaft of the Skipovaya mine. self-propelled equipment - loading and hauling machines, dump trucks to the bunker of uncrushed rock mass. Further, through a complex of conveyors, the rock mass is delivered to the batching and loading complex of the Skipovaya mine shaft at a horizon of 1260 m. In the batching and loading complex, the rock mass is loaded into skips. The commissioning of the "Rock tract-2" facility will allow to reduce the "shoulder" of haulage of the rock mass by self-propelled equipment, which will affect the reduction of costs and increase the efficiency of the use of self-propelled equipment.

GOK. According to them, the volume of work performed was very large and complex in terms of technology: the excavation of capital mine workings with a total length of more than one kilometer was carried out. The total weight of the assembled metal structures was approximately 300 tons, not counting the weight of the equipment.

“First of all, the complex is necessary for the mine builders for the stable operation of the workshop. According to the plan, the new facility will provide for the production of about 1.3 million tons of rock, "said Nikolai Efimov, Chief Engineer of the Gaysky GOK.

Recall that in order to maintain and increase the volume of ore mining, the Gaysky GOK is implementing the project PJSC "Gaysky GOK" with an increase in productivity up to 9 million tons per year ", stipulated by the strategic program for the development of the mineral resource base of UMMC.

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