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New battery loader LF-19EB from GHH Group

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New battery loader LF-19EB from GHH Group

GHH Group, one of the leading suppliers of integrated solutions in the field of mining and tunnel construction, has developed a new LF-19EB battery-powered loading and delivery machine with the ability to connect to the electrical network via cable. The loader is designed to work in soft rocks.

The LF-19EB is designed for loading rock into the feeder crusher, and thanks to the battery, it can be easily moved between the faces for a distance of up to 2.5 km, without the need for an additional power source.

The load capacity of the new PDM is 19 tons. The machine can operate in areas with a maximum slope of 28%, a transverse slope of up to 15% and a maximum temperature of 52°C. The tractive effort reaches 380kN, and the average drive power is 250kVA at constant and 315kVA at peak load. The maximum cable length is 250 m.

The operating costs of the machine are significantly lower than those of diesel and electric PDMS with cable, and not only due to savings in fuel and electricity costs. For example, regenerative braking reduces brake and tire wear, and electrical components require less maintenance.

The ergonomic cabin provides high operator comfort and maximum visibility. Direct electric drive of the gearbox, axles, and "smart" motor control, provide, in comparison with machines with hydrodynamic drive, very smooth running.

"Electric innovations are not only part of a global strategy to improve environmental friendliness, but also the result of our commitment to reduce customer operating costs. The LF-19EB loader is an excellent intermediate option between cable and battery models. It is more flexible, compared to the cable alternative, and more predictable, compared to a purely battery-powered PDM. Especially if you need to work a full shift on a single charge, " commented Dmitry Zhukov, Executive Director of GHH Group in Russia.

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