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An intelligent fire safety system was introduced at Uchalinsky GOK

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An intelligent fire safety system was introduced at Uchalinsky GOK

Uchaly (Republic of Bashkortostan)

JSC "Uchalinsky GOK" (an enterprise of the raw materials complex of UMMC) has implemented a pilot project to create a single center for monitoring the technical condition of security and fire alarm systems based on special software. The commissioning of the center made it possible to improve the work of security and fire systems, improve the quality of work of service personnel and reduce the response time to alarming events.

- The emergence of the monitoring center was preceded by thorough preparation: a technical audit of all fire-fighting systems was carried out, restored their operability, new systems have been designed and installed, ”said Gennady Smyslov, a consultant to the General Director of UMMC, under whose leadership the specialists of the GOK prepared and launched a pilot project.

Experts of a specially created working group developed and first introduced action normative document - "Regulations on fire, security and fire alarm systems, automatic fire extinguishing systems and warning people about a fire in JSC" Uchalinsky GOK ". Now all activities on working with these systems - from design to maintenance - are strictly regulated.

- The monitoring center is not just a monitoring center for the technical condition, operability and safety of fire alarm devices, it has the function of "feedback ": If necessary, the center operator can remotely control the devices, - noted the advantages of Ramil Abzalov, the head of the section for installation, repair and maintenance of security systems of the repair and installation department.

When the devices connected to the systems are triggered, an alarm signal is sent to the chief dispatcher of the JSC "Uchalinsky GOK" and the dispatcher of the division where the alarm was activated. The alarm signal is duplicated by SMS notification of the responsible persons of the relevant unit and the automatic display of the image from the cameras installed in the premises to visually display the events.

Currently, the security and fire systems of the Uchalinsky underground mine are connected to the monitoring center, Uchalinskaya and Mezhozernaya industrial sites of a motor transport enterprise. By the end of the year, facilities of 15 other divisions of the Uchalinsky GOK will join them, and in 2022 the entire GOK will be connected to the monitoring center.

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